Lulu and Milo are the sister-brother duo who bring to life all sorts of adventures in
Absolute Mayhem.


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Lulu is the older of the two, and she loves to read, sing, and play soccer. She has a vivid imagination, which she uses to make up her own fanciful stories, as well as her own delightful way of seeing and explaining the world. Lulu can sometimes be a tad bossy to her little brother Milo, but she always has his best interest at heart…unless he embarrasses her in front of her friends. Then she just wants him to scram.

Milo is a bundle of energy and curiosity, which is probably why he loves exploring in his backyard, swinging on his tire swing, and dressing up in costumes to fight off evil predators. He never seems to like the “normal” way of doing things, and he can almost always make his sister Lulu laugh…unless she is with her friends. Then she just finds him “so annoying.

But more often than not, Lulu and Milo enjoy playing together, as well as with their beloved dog, Hippo. Hippo always tags along on their adventures…mostly to keep an eye on the busy pair.

If you like them in Absolute Mayhem, stayed tuned to read about more adventures of Lulu and Milo in the future…

The “Real” Lulu & Milo 

realluluandmiloThe characters of Lulu and Milo are based off of author Kelly Suellentrop’s own two children, Grace and Michael. While not meant to be exact replicas, there is no doubt they influenced the best and most endearing parts of Lulu and Milo. Grace and Michel love seeing little pieces of themselves in the book, and Kelly is thankful she was blessed with adorable kids who are easy to draw. Otherwise, she probably would have had to write a book about chickens or something.